Next Generation "X" Series Decoder Bulletin

   TCS decoders that end with "X" designate next generation.  Over 12 improvements and features have been  added compared to the the existing line of TCS decoders. Below is a list that explains the new features.   

   Two additional new features are now  added to the "X" series beginning January 2005. 

     Some customers have said the alternating rate that the ditch lights blink back and forth was a bit too fast so we made it adjustable. A value of one in CV117 sets the slowest rate. A value of 12 in CV117 sets the fastest rate.  This is a very nice feature! The prototype varies from one railroad to another particularly depending on what equipment and brand of loco is in service. Now you can adjust to your liking!

     The button control of the motor feature is improved too allow full range power setting adjustment.   A value from zero to 255 in CV133 sets the power applied to the motor when the motor circuit is used in button control mode. One useful feature of this is to use this when doing loco switching.  The speed setting can be set for a good loco switching speed and then with a single button you can change the direction or stop the loco without adjusting the throttle.

The following are standard "X" Series features.

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