Installing a DCC decoder in a Bachmann Windhoff MPV

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Last updated 29 March, 2020
Bachmann Windhoff

Before installing chip into any loco it is advisable to check the current being drawn by the loco. You should test the current drawn when the loco is stalled to find the peak current and select a decoder that will cope with that maximum current requirement. Tests here suggest a normal current draw on DC of 0.15A and a stall current of 0.45A.

This installation is the easiest I have come across and uses a TCS EU621 direct plug 21-pin decoder, though any 21-pin decoder would do the job.

Bachmann Windhoff

It is wonderful to have a model where there are no screws to remove in order to access the decoder socket.

The 21-pin socket is located on a vertical circuit board hidden under the water tank. Just remove the tank (NEVER glue this part in place!!) to expose the board.

You will need a small flat-headed screwdriver to remove the blanking plug - be careful not to bend any of the pins!

Bachmann Windhoff Bachmann Windhoff

Insert the 21-pin decoder into the socket. Make sure it is up the right way!

Test and program the loco before re-fitting the water tank. Couple the two units together. Lighting across both units is operated from F0 on your DCC throttle.



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