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Installing a DCC chip in a Bachmann Class N Steam Locomotive

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This installation really is fairly straightforward in a steam loco though the engine is NOT DCC ready.

You will need a small Phillips screwdriver to undo the screw securing the body to the chassis at the front.

Before installing a decoder into any loco it is advisable to check the current being drawn by the loco to ensure that the decoder will meet the power requirements of the loco.

REmove screw from bogie


Remove the front bogie assembly by releasing the screw, as shown.


Screw securing chassis to body

Once the bogie is out of the way the chassis can be separated from the body. Undo the screw shown, but note that this screw does NOT come out completely.

The body is also secured with a screw at the rear of the loco, as shown - this screw DOES come right out - be careful you do not lose it!


Remove circuit board

Turn the loco up the right way and the body should separate from the chassis, though it is a tight fit and might need some persuasion to part company.

There is a small circuit board on the rear of the engine block. Undo the two securing screws and desolder the wires attached to the board.

Using a small hacksaw remove the two protrusions around the screw holes, or file flat.


Location of decoder

This installation used a TCS M1 decoder which has been secured to the motor block with a double-sided sticky pad. Wires were connected as follows: grey to front motor, orange to rear motor, red to brown from pickup and black to black from pickup. The white and yellow wires have been trimmed back and heat shrink has been used to ensure insulation.

It is suggested that you do any programming of the decoder, before replacing the body.

Replace the body carefully and replace the screws.

Many thanks to Ken Bridgeman who supplied the photos for these instructions.

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