TH141 Decoder

Last updated 20 December, 2004

The TH141 is a Quiet Drive full featured four function DCC Decoder with Dither. It has a standard 9 pin JST plug. The best decoder with the most features at this price! It is supplied with our standard wiring harness. Other harnesses with NMRA 8 pin plugs are available. Go to the Harness Info selection for choices to simplify your decoder installation.








The TH141 is a four function advanced performance decoder! It has a standard 9 pin wire harness.  TH141 is a full featured decoder not a stripped down decoder!


  • Auto detect allows operation on DCC only or DCC and DC power. TCS decoders are almost transparent on DC making the engine act like a decoder isn't there. Brake on DC allows you to control the lights while the train is in a DC block.

  • Quiet Drive is active at all times which greatly reduces engine noise.

  • Dither provides rapid bursts of power to overcome resistance. You control both the power and frequency. See slow speeds unequalled in the industry.

  • Lighting Effects: Auto reversing headlights Blinking Ditch Lights, Mars, Gyra, Rotary Beacon, Single and Double Pulse Strobe, Opposite Dim, Flashing and Random flicker. Rule 17 headlight dimming can be set to occur when stopped, opposite the direction of travel, or both. You always have manual control. Button control allows you to pick the control buttons of your choice.

  • Factory Reset lets you change most of your choices back to their factory default values if you get into a situation you don't like.

  • 128 speed steps are active when Mid volts, Top volts, Start volts or the user loadable speed table is active for much smother operation.

  • Primary 2 digit addressing or advanced 4 digit addressing may be used.

  • Consist Addressing has a Special Feature allowing you to automatically turn off any undesired lighting when you add the engine to a consist.

  • Goof Proof Warranty as always. One year no questions asked replacement warranty. Handled entirely by TCS.

  • TCS decoders support all programming modes plus OPS mode (on track programming) and meet NMRA DCC standards for compatibility.


Electronic Specification:

  • 1.3amp continuous motor drive
  • Two amps peak load
  • Four 100ma function outputs


  • Length: 1.010"
  • Width: 0.665"
  • Height: 0.250"

To purchase the TH141 decoder, click here.

To purchase the TH141 decoder with NMRA plug, click here.

For an instruction leaflet on the TH141 decoder in PDF format, click here.


For more technical info about the TH141 decoder and CV settings, click here

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