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Last updated 26 November, 2012

The T1 is an economical motor control decoder with BEMF. Even with its low price, this 2 lighting function decoder with lighting effects features state of the art features like Quiet Drive and Dither. It is supplied with a standard wiring harness. Other harnesses with NMRA 8 pin plugs are available (select the T1-P in our internet store). Go to the Harness Info selection for choices to simplify your decoder installation.

T1 decoder with BEMF



The T1 decoder is a full featured high quality two function decoder.



Electronic Specifications:

  • 1.3amp continuous
    motor drive
  • 2.0 amp peak.
  • Two 100ma function outputs.


  • Length: 1.000"
  • Width:  0.680"
  • Height: 0.250"

Buy the T1 decoder with harness of your choice here.

For an instruction leaflet on the T1 decoder in PDF format, click here.



For more information about T1 decoder CV settings, click here


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