A4X Decoder

Last updated 3 June, 2006

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One of the newest decoders made by Train Control Systems is the A4X, with earlier versions being known as the A1 and A1X. It is a drop in replacement for the locomotive light board. It uses the original light bulbs. It is a four function Quiet Drive decoder with Dither. Dither is a TCS exclusive feature that provides superior slow speed control.

A4X installed in AS2 loco



A4X installed in American AS2 loco

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Features of the A4X decoder:

The A4X ia a NEXT GENERATION TCS decoder.
Designed for Atlas, Athearn Genesis, Kato and other disel engines with factory installed light boards the decoder has a 1.3 amp continuous output, with a 2.0 amp peak and 4 100 mA function outputs.
New features of this decoder include:

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