Installing a DCC decoder in a Heljan Class 47

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Installation of the chip can be done very quickly. You just need a screwdriver, the chip (in this case a Lenz LE1014E with a standard NMRA plug already attached), and some cards to help gently prise the body away from the chassis as there are no screws to undo.

Credit cards or business cards are ideal for prising the body away from the chassis. There are four lugs, two each side, keeping the body attached to the chassis. By gently inserting the cards between the body and the chassis and sliding them along until they sit over the lugs, preventing the body from re-attaching itself to the chassis. It is then possible to gently lever away the body by just pulling on the chassis. Don't be tempted to pull on the central block hanging under the chassis - it might come away in your hand (as shown here, where it is missing)!

When the body has been removed you can see the location of the socket. which has a dummy plug inserted in it. Remove the dummy plug by gently levering it out of the socket. Do not be tempted to just pull the dummy plug out as this will bend the main (green) circuit board and could remove the circuit board from the chassis as it is not fixed very securely.

Click on the photo to find pin 1.

Gently push the plug, without bending the pins, fully into the socket, ensuring that pin 1 has been located correctly. If not, the lights will not work and the locomotive will operate in reverse!

Attach the sticky pad provided to the green circuit board and press the decoder on to the pad. Make sure it does not come into contact with any of the solder which is proud of the main circuit board on the loco.

To complete the installation put the loco on the programming track (in this case a rolling road), program the chip and test the loco. This is also a good time to insert headcodes that come with the loco before replacing the body.

NOTE: This loco could also be fitted with a TCS DP2X-UK decoder which has no wires.

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