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Please note that we have ceased trading so our retail operations are now CLOSED - our remaining stock of diecast and railway models has been donated to the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway shop at Toddington

We would like to thank all of our customers who contributed towards making this a successful business which has unfortunately had to close as the result of ill health. We wish everyone a happy and prosperous future.

However, as you can see our website has not closed and we will retain the original purpose of the site when first created in 2003 which was to act as a focus of information for those involved in railway and diecast modelling but focussing especially on DCC control.

This site is intended to provide both information about developments and activities in the world of modelling. It also provides links to a large number of specialist sites and includes calendars of toy and train fairs and swapmeets in the UK and release information about forthcoming models from Corgi, where available.



There is so much happening in the model world that it is difficult to keep up with everything. There are so many sites that concentrate on particular areas of modelling. This site is not an attempt to replicate sites that already provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise but rather is a link to those sites that offer much to support modelling and collecting of transport models.

Having had an interest in all things to do with transport from an early age this web site is a natural culmination of this pursuit and an attempt to assist you to further your hobby through the information provided here and the links made to other sites across the world.

We hope you find the site interesting and that the links take you to places you haven't visited before. More information and links will be added during the next few weeks. Please watch this page for updates.


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10 September, 2020

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